About us

About us

Enterprise introduction

Foshan Sanhe Furniture Co., Ltd. is located in Shunde, the largest furniture manufacturing base in China in the Pearl River Delta. It has carefully cast two furniture brands of high-end civil and hotel (customized) furniture in a steady process of 20 years. The headquarters of the company has an 8000 square meter Product Exhibition Center (and global marketing center) and a furniture industrial park covering an area of 120000 square meters. It introduces advanced equipment such as Italy and Germany, widely absorbs and trains more than 300 senior technicians, technicians and managers, and forms strategic partners with well-known domestic and foreign design companies to jointly develop a series of fashion Environmentally friendly furniture. Adhering to the enterprise philosophy of "focusing on achieving brand, strength creating quality, service creating trust, environmental protection creating health, wisdom creating fun", Sanhe is committed to the innovative development of furniture industry, integrates modern efficiency and integrity with Oriental hospitality, and becomes your most trusted business partner and life confidant. Focus on achieving a brand. There is no natural strong person, only focus and persistence; Only focus can make a brand! Strength creates quality. After more than ten years of dedicated development, Sanhe furniture has become the most powerful leading enterprise in the furniture industry. Service creates trust and treats guests with Oriental enthusiasm; Integrate modern efficiency and integrity, and become your most trusted business partner and life confidant. Environmental protection creates health. Sanhe furniture takes human health as the first concern and social responsibility as the primary obligation.

Honorary qualification

Quality Control

In order to search for the world's top and rare high-grade veneer, we have made extraordinary efforts to make the color and texture of the furniture, we use the same material of the Bentley dashboard .

In terms of craftsmanship, Sanhe all adopts manual sewing, using German DURKOPPADLER sewing machine,taking the high-end luxury car craftsmanship as the standard, the product quality is strictly required.

The veneer on the curved surface and the special-shaped position cannot be finished by machinery. All CASA/HOME uses pure hand veneer, which shows the ultra-high level and technology.

Quality Control

Great Originality

Sanhe furniture is more strict in quality control, from design, drawing, material selection, material use, cutting, etc., to excellence in every step. The furniture production process is complicated ,which requires employees to have enough patience, care and experience. We hire experienced masters, and the quality of the craftsmanship is more guaranteed.

Great Originality

After-sales service

Professional service extraordinary experience

In order to ensure the user experience, Sanhe Furniture has a dedicated customer service center, a caring service team, and a complete after-sales process to provide you with meticulous after-sales protection.

One year warranty

Sanhe furniture related products within one year from the date of sale, non-artificial damage, we will provide after-sales service such as return, replacement (please contact customer service for details). During the warranty period, if the user has quality problems in the product under normal use and requires replacement of accessories, the supplier will provide it free of charge (excluding overseas transportation costs)

Worry-free service

Sanhe Furniture provides home consultants, hassle-free service guarantees such as answering questions, after-sales service, and progress inquiries. Any non-product quality problems such as transportation, installation, and improper use are not covered by the warranty. But the supplier can provide spare parts at cost price.

Guide teaching

Sanhe Furniture always provides professional and considerate after-sales service. For customers who purchase products, we will provide guidance and teaching such as home cleaning and maintenance through telephone, Internet, video, etc.

After-sales service




Foshan Sanhe Furniture Co., Ltd. was established.

Cooperating with Florence, Italy, as its only foundry in China, it is mainly engaged in export trade.


The cooperation with Florence OME in the early stage set the tone of French neo-classical Italian products, so it created its own brand, aristocratic PARTY.


The noble PARTYF series was born, and the noble PARTY is officially divided into two series, T (Italian) and F (French), to provide customers with more elegant and quality home life.


Modern people's aesthetics are changing with each passing day, and light luxury is sweeping in. Therefore, CASA is newly created to tailor clothes for the upstart elites, provide a "luxury and comfortable" home environment, and set a new benchmark for artistic life.


New brand HOME

Light luxury products are officially divided into CASA and HOME series. 

The CASA series of home furnishing products are positioned as luxurious, high-end and domineering, suitable for the upstart elite. 

The home products of the HOME series are positioned as light luxury, with a sense of simplicity and lightness, and are more youthful. 


Its two brands go hand in hand

Soft Classic Home Furnishing: Noble PARTY (T/F)

Soft and light luxury home: light luxury CASA/HOME


According to the company's development needs, continue to expand the area of the exhibition hall. There are already 3 single-storey exhibition halls in Lelong Creative City, with a total of 6,000 square meters. At the same time, the Italian cutting-edge designer team was introduced to add Italian style to the original products.

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Corporate philosophy

Sanhe furniture focuses on talent training and team building, adhering to the development concept of professionalism, dedication, pragmatism and innovation. Adhere to the customer - oriented, credit - first service criteria, hard to manufacture quality products.