Explore the charm of nature

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2022-06-11 17:08

2021 Spring/Summer New Arrivals

Combining design aesthetics with natural elements, structural colors with lines

Retranslate the space and refresh the vision


The basic features of the universe became physics;

the interaction of atoms and molecules forms chemistry;

the story of the organism gave birth to biology.

For the earth,

everything in the world seems to have been designed at the beginning of the Big Bang,

the only thing left undesigned is the possibility of human development.



The silk texture is as quiet as a jungle, combined with the wild charm of metal, the beauty of lines is undoubtedly revealed, and it exudes an elegant and gorgeous temperament and delicacy.


"One should be as inclusive as the vast ocean which admits hundreds of rivers", which is the best interpretation to understand this lounge chair. The seat is deep and generous, and the mind is broad. Gray was originally dull, but it was embellished with elegant black lines, and instantly the sense of design and high class soared. The overall lines and colors are in a comfortable visual state.


The crystal clear old mine and luxury stone springs out, with a crystal handle, it is full of light luxury. The sideboard is not limited to the flat design, but seeks a balance between the wildness and the artistic with the process of re-engraving the concave and convex. The low-saturation color combination of Morandi color is leisurely and gives the dining space a different exquisite atmosphere.


Pearl Texture Veneer and Larch Veneer have natural and beautiful textures, perfectly integrating home fashion and natural elements. We have been committed to the selection of rare natural materials from around the world, combined with modern exquisite craftsmanship, to create unique luxury products.


In nature, every living thing radiates power, and we often infuse this energy into our designs. Each product exudes a unique charm, they can coexist harmoniously with the space, both leisurely and with extraordinary aura.