In love with Chair

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2022-01-09 06:08


The classy and reserved armchair blended with the perfect Senior ash has the a low-key vibe exude from its stunning beauty. Pure and stylishness are it shows.


Leather diamond quilting, used by many fashion luxury brand, is the timeless classic.



The dining chair is with the popular color match at the moment. Stylish, active, elegant and exquisite, it is in line with the young people’s consumption trend.



The simple and elegant gray and white fabric was inspired by the stratum texture. It has rough and primitive natural style with uneven touch which has stereo impression. The combination of thick and thin threads provides layers which will present unique gloss under light. It creates a unparalleled dining space.


Color plays an important role in design and decides the style of the product, express emotion and even impact the health of people. Thus, it adds layers and sense of personality to people’s lives. Creating a style through color matching makes interior space more expressive.